Soccer 24

Soccer 24 is the Premier Fundraiser of Street Soccer Academy.  The aim of Soccer 24 is first and foremost to raise much-needed funds to assist us in the ongoing work of Street Soccer Academy and secondly to raise awareness of this work as we seek to help individuals with complex and multiple needs.

Street Soccer Academy

Street Soccer Academy is a professional service provider that specialises in the rehabilitation and reintegration of people with complex and multiple needs. We work on behalf of some of the nation’s hardest to reach groups within our communities including, people with homeless related issues, ex-offenders, those recovering from addictions and the long-term unemployed.

Street Soccer Academy is experienced in producing sports-based education programmes for our service users. Through the use of pro social models we focus on affecting the attitudes & thinking of those who engage with us, with particular emphasis on their relationships and roles in society.

Through the use of professionally organised sport we are all about deliveringEXCELLENCE, generatingHOPE, providingDIGNITY and fuellingAMBITION

"With the help of Street Soccer Academy I am getting my life back together, not just on the pitch but off it."

− Damon, SSA Forest Bank +Central Manchester

"Street Soccer Academy plays a vital role in supporting the quality of my life and in coping with my disability."

− Rich, SSA Central Manchester + Stockport

"As for the future I know Street Soccer Academy will be there for me when I am released, to help and support me… and that’s massive."

− Nial, SSA Forest Bank